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What Was Michael Jordan’s Finals Record? An Amazing 6-0!

Michael Jordan’s finals record was 6-0. His Bulls teams went 24-11 in NBA Finals games. Jordan won all six Finals MVP awards in his six championship seasons. His teams defeated five different teams in the finals: the Lakers, Trailblazers, Suns, Sonics, and Jazz. 

What Was Michael Jordan’s Finals Record? 

Michael Jordan went 24-11 in games in his six trips to the NBA Finals with the Chicago Bulls. He won all six series. 

YearMichael Jordan’s
Playoff Results
84-85Lost 1st Round1-3Milwaukee Bucks
85-86Lost 1st Round0-3Boston Celtics
86-87Lost 1st Round0-3Boston Celtics
87-88Lost East Semis1-4Detroit Pistons
88-89Lost East Finals2-4Detroit Pistons
89-90Lost East Finals3-4Detroit Pistons
90-91Won NBA Finals4-1LA Lakers
91-92Won NBA Finals4-2Portland Trailblazers
92-93Won NBA Finals4-2Phoenix Suns
93-94DID NOT PLAY Played Baseball
94-95Lost East Semis*2-4Orlando Magic
95-96Won NBA Finals4-2Seattle SuperSonics
96-97Won NBA Finals4-2Utah Jazz
97-98Won NBA Finals4-2Utah Jazz

*Jordan re-joined the Bulls late in the 94-95 season.

Michael Jordan retired after his sixth NBA Finals victory in 1998. 

He then returned for two more years playing for the Washington Wizards in 2001-2002 and 2002-2003. Neither of those teams made the playoffs. 

Who Did Michael Jordan Beat in the NBA Finals? 

Who Did Michael Jordan Lose To In the NBA Finals? 

Michael Jordan never lost in the NBA Finals. He went an impressive 6–0 in his Finals career. 

There is actually a decent list of players who went undefeated in NBA Finals – many of them are Jordan’s teammates, however!

Of the non-Jordan teammates, there are some notable names. They include:

How Many Finals MVPs Did Michael Jordan Win? 

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Michael Jordan won six Finals MVP awards in his career. 

  • In 1991 Jordan won his first Finals MVP after averaging 31 points, 11 assists and 6 rebounds per game for the series. 
  • In 1992 MJ won his second Finals MVP after averaging 36 points, 6.5 assists and 5 boards per game in the Finals.
  • In 1993 Michael Jordan won his 3rd, and 3rd straight, NBA Finals MVP. He averaged an incredible 41 points, 6 assists and 8.5 rebounds per game in the Finals. 
  • In 1996 Jordan won his fourth Finals MVP averaging 27 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds in the six game series. 
  • In 1997 MJ won his fifth Finals MVP award. He averaged 32 points, 6 assists and 7 rebounds per game  in the Finals.  
  • In 1998 Jordan won his sixth and last Finals MVP award. He averaged 33 points, 2 assists and 4 rebounds per game for the series. 

How Does Michael Jordan’s Finals Record Compare to Other Great NBA Players?

Obviously, since he was undefeated, Michael Jordan has the highest winning percentage possible in the NBA Finals. You can see how that record compares to other NBA greats below. I would think he’d trade records with Bill Russell if given the chance, but no one else can match Michael Jordan’s incredible NBA Finals record.

Click the links to read my articles on the Finals record for each of these all-time NBA greats.

PlayerNBA Finals Record
John Havlicek8-0
Michael Jordan6-0
Bill Russell11-1
Tim Duncan5-1
Kobe Bryant5-2
Steph Curry4-2
Shaquille O’Neal4-2
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar6-4
Magic Johnson5-4
Larry Bird3-2
Hakeem Olajuwon2-1
Kevin Durant2-2
LeBron James4-6
Wilt Chamberlain2-4
Jerry West1-8
Elgin Baylor0-7

Summary: Michael Jordan’s Finals Record

Michael Jordan went undefeated in the NBA Finals. His Bulls teams went 6-0 in NBA Finals series and 24-11 in NBA Finals games. Jordan won all six Finals MVPs in his six NBA Championship seasons.

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