Welcome to SportsNostalgiaHQ. I’m Jim Burgess the main author and publisher of this site. I write about sports back in the day. As a forty-something sports fan, I find myself often thinking back on athletes, teams and seasons from years past. I hope this site can be a resource for you when you find yourself doing the same thing.

My favorite teams are the Patriots and the Celtics followed closely by the Red Sox and the Bruins.

As a kid, I cried when this happened…

But things have certainly been better for Boston sports fans since I became an adult. I count this moment as one of the greatest of my life…

And, luckily for me, there have been many more great moments for a Boston sports fan.

Being an older guy from the Boston area, it is fitting that my first two published articles were about Larry Bird. But I plan to write about athletes from a range of sports, cities and leagues going forward. Stay tuned…

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