This is a picture of the state of North Carolina, with Wilmington colored in red. Above it says; Where is Michael Jordan from?

Where is Michael Jordan From? Raised up in NC

Where is Michael Jordan from? He is from North Carolina. MJ was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 17, 1963, but his family was living there temporarily while his father went to school. The Jordans moved back to North Carolina when Michael was a baby and that is where he grew up, and where he went to both high school and college. 

Michael Jordan’s Early Years

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Michael Jordan’s parents were Deloris and James Jordan. Deloris worked as a bank teller. James was in the Air Force before Michael was born.

Both James and Deloris Jordan were from North Carolina. That is where they lived before Michael’s birth. But in the early 1960s, they decided to use the G.I. Bill’s education benefits to improve James’ chances of finding good work.

The Jordans had three children at this point: James jr. (called Ronnie), Deloris (often called Sis) and Larry. They left their three children with James’ mother in North Carolina while they moved to Brooklyn so James Sr. could get training as a mechanic.

It was while they were in New York that Michael Jordan was born at Cumberland Hospital in Fort Greene, Brooklyn New York. Those who want to claim that Michael Jordan is from New York could stake their claim on the fact that he was born there. 

Those people are correct that Michael Jordan was born in New York but incorrect that he is from there. 

Where Are You From?

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Where you are from can be a complicated question. Does it come down to where you were born? Where you spent your formative years? Where you went to high school? Where your family was from? 

Almost no matter how you decide the question, Michael Jordan is from North Carolina. The only question that can be answered with New York is where he was born.

After being born in New York, Jordan’s family moved home to North Carolina when he was very young. Depending on what source you believe, Jordan moved to North Carolina as early as six months old.

James Jordan found work with General Electric and by the time Michael was five years old, the family was settled in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Where did Michael Jordan Grow Up?

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Long before he won six NBA titles, Michael Jordan started playing sports in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Jordan first played baseball because of his father’s great love for the sport. But he began playing basketball against his brother Larry in his Wilmington, North Carolina driveways before the age of nine.

Jordan played little league in Wilmington then went on to play high school basketball for Emsley A. Laney High School. He was notably cut from the high school team as a 5’11” sophomore but became a high school All American by his senior season.

Jordan went on to play college ball for the University of North Carolina as well. After his playing career ended, MJ ended up living in his home state and bought the Charlotte Hornets there.

When you move to the place your parents are from before the age of one then spend your early years, high school years and college years in that place, then that is the place you are from. Michael Jordan is quite clearly from North Carolina. 

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Summary: Where is Michael Jordan From? 

Michael Jordan is from North Carolina. While he was born in Brooklyn, New York, Jordan moved back with his family to Wilmington, North Carolina at a very young age. Jordan grew up in North Carolina and began playing sports, most notably basketball, there. MJ also went to high school and college in North Carolina. He now owns the Charlotte Hornets in the state his from: North Carolina.

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