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Who Is The Tallest Warriors Player Of All Time? (And Who is Now?)

The Warriors tallest player ever, Manute Bol, is also the tallest player in the history of the NBA at 7’7”. Bol played two seasons for the Warriors in 1988-1990 and again in 1994-1995. Other players on the tallest Warriors ever list includes greats like Wilt Chamberlain, Robert Parish and Ralph Sampson. 

Who Is the Tallest Warriors Player Ever? 

The six tallest players in Warriors history are listed below. 

PlayerHeightYears Played
for Warriors
Manute Bol7'7"1994-1995; 1998-1990
Ralph Sampson7'4"1987-1989
Robert Parish7'2"1976-1980
Kosta Perovic7'2"2007-2008
Uwe Blab7'1"1989-1990
Wilt Chamberlain7'1"1959-1963

The best player among the tallest players in Warriors history is easily Wilt Chamberlain, one of the greatest players to ever live. As a Celtics fan who was not alive when Wilt and Bill Russell were battling, I did not think of him as being a Golden State Warrior.

Of course, you dedicated Warrior fans probably know that when Wilt started with the team they were the Philadelphia Warriors. 

He was with the team when they moved West in 1962 – landing in San Francisco for 9 seasons before settling in Oakland in 1971 and getting their current name: the Golden State Warriors.  

Two other interesting notes about the Warriors all-time tallest players list:

  1. Manute Bol’s son Bol Bol is also one of the tallest players in league history at 7’2”. 
  1. Robert Parish ended up on the Celtics’ tallest player list as well after being traded to the Celtics for Joe Barry Carroll in 1980.

Who Were The Other 7-Foot Players For The Warriors? 

The only other list of tallest players I have done, for the Celtics, included an incredibly unmemorable list of players in this section on other 7-footers. That is not true for the Warriors.

PlayerHeightYears Played
For Warriors
Dragan Bender7'0" 2019-2020
James Wiseman7'0" 2020-2021
Ron Crevier7'0" 1985-1986
Les Jepsen7'0" 1990-1991
Joe barry Carroll7'0" 1680-1988
John Coker7'0" 2000-2001
Felton Spencer7'0" 1996-1999
Kevin Willis7'0" 1995-1996
Vic Bartolome7'0" 1971-1972
Andrew Bogut7'0" 2012-2016; 208-2019
Willie Cauley-Stein7'0" 2019-2020
Dewayne Dedmon7'0" 2013-2014
Geert Hammink7'0" 1995-1996
Ognjen Kuzmic7'0" 2013-2015
Alton Lister7'0" 1989-1993
Didier Mbenga7'0" 2007-2008
JaVale McGee7'0" 2016-208
Patrick O'bryant7'0" 2006-2008
Mike Smrek7'0" 1989-1992
Tim Young7'0" 1999-2000
Nikoloz Tskitishvili7'0" 2004-2005

The list above includes some bigger NBA names who turned out to not be so great, like Dragan Bender. But it also includes some really good basketball players.

Joe Barry Carroll did not turn out to be as good as Kevin McHale nor Robert Parrish, but I still ranked him the 3rd best player in the 1980 NBA Draft. 

Kevin Willis had a nice career, though he is mostly known for his time with the Hawks. He scored nearly 20 points per game at his peak and played into his forties. His Warriors career was quite unremarkable, lasting only 28 games. 

Andrew Bogut was made an All NBA 3rd team in his Bucks days and led the league in blocked shots one year as well. By the time he got to the Warriors, he was not the offensive player he had been, but they had some guys named Curry and Thompson handling the scoring.

Bogut was a big contributor to the 2015 NBA title. He played just below starter minutes and made 2nd Team All NBA Defense. 

JaVale McGee won a couple titles with the Warriors in 2017 & 2018. He was not the player Bogut was by any means but still got 10 minutes a night for two title-winning teams. He went on to start for the Lakers 2020 title squad as well, although he didn’t contribute much more to those teams than he did to the Warriors. 

In comparison to the Celtics list, this is a list of killers. 

Who Are the Tallest Warriors Players Currently? 

PlayerHeightYears Played for The Warriors
James Wiseman7’0”2020-2023
Patrick Baldwin jr.6’9”2022-2023
Kevon Looney6’9”2015-2023

James Wiseman was the Warriors top pick in the 2020 draft. He did not play a game last year for the Warriors due to injury. But Wiseman is expected to start the year healthy for the 2022-2023 season.

Baldwin joined the Warriors this year as their first-round pick while Kevon Looney has had a decent eight-year run for Golden State. 

Summary: Tallest Warriors Player

James Wisemman is the tallest Warrior right now, but Manute Bol is far and away the tallest Warrior player of all time. Bol is the tallest NBA player ever at 7’7”. The list of all-time tallest Warriors includes some really big names like Wilt Chamberlain and Robert Parish.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Adapted from – “Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers” by Tanzen80 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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