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Who Is The Tallest Celtics Player? (Active and Ever)

Tacko Fall is the tallest Celtics player ever at 7’6” tall. He is also tied for 3rd tallest player in NBA history. There is a 5 way tie for 2nd tallest Celtic at 7’2”. The best player among the eleven tallest Celtics is Shaquille O’Neal but the player who had the best Celtics career is clearly Robert Parish. 

Who Is the Tallest Celtics Player Ever? 

The 10 tallest players in the history of the Boston Celtics are listed below. Tacko Fall is the tallest player in team history at 7’6”. 

PlayerHeightYears Played for The Celtics
Tacko Fall*7’6”2020-2021
Artis Gilmore7’2”1988
Thomas Hamilton7’2″1996
Luke Kornet7’2″2021-2022
Bruno Šundov7’2”2003
Stojko Vranković7’2”1991-1992
Shaquille O’Neal7’1”2011
Robert Parish7’1”1981-1984
Dwayne Schintzius7’1”1999
Matt Wenstrom7’1”1994

* My source for these heights is the Celtics All Time Roster on Basketball Reference. They list Fall at 7’5”, but many other sources including the NBA’s site say 7’6”.

Of the tallest players in Celtics history, Robert Parish easily had the best career for the team. 

Parish was acquired along with Kevin McHale in a trade with the Golden State Warriors before the 1980 NBA Draft. He went on to have most of his Hall of Famer career for the Green, playing 14 seasons for the Celtics. 

The Chief made 9 All Star games for the Celtics, made two All NBA teams for them and won 3 titles for the team – and one more in his last year with the Bulls. 

Parish is not the best player among the tallest Celtics ever. That would be Shaquille O’Neal who is one of the top five centers to ever play – and might be one of the top ten players to ever play. 

But Shaq was done by the time he played his single season in green. The most memorable part of his time on the Celtics might be the nickname the Big Shamrock. 

I’d take Parish as the second best player (and again, easily the best Celtic) on the list, but a strong case could be made that Artis Gilmore was better. Parish and Gilmore are often closely ranked as Gilmore made a bunch of All ABA teams, won the ABA MVP one year, made 6 NBA All Star teams and made the Hall of Fame as well.

But, like Shaq, Artis Gilmore was washed by the time he played for the Celtics. His lone season in Green was the last of his long basketball career. 

Who Were The Other 7-Foot Players For The Celtics? 

PlayerHeightYears Played for The Celtics
Mark Blount7’0”2001-2006
Charles Claxton7’0”1996
Jason Collins7’0”2013
Mel Counts7’0”1965-1966
Semih Erden7’0”2011
Steve Hamer7’0”1997
Ryan Hollins7’0”2012
Travis Knight7’0”1998
Nenad Krstić7’0”2011
Alton Lister7’0”1996-1997
Fab Melo7’0”2013
Chris Mihm7’0”2004
Darko Miličić7’0”2013
Eric Montross7’0”1995-1996
Todd Mundt7’0”1996
Rich Niemann7’0”1970
Patrick O’Bryant7’0”2009
Michael Olowokandi7’0”2006-2007
Vincent Poirier7’0”2020
Eric Riley7’0”1999
Žan Tabak7’0”1998
Other Celtics 7-Footers

This is an insanely unmemorable list of players. It is a testament to the fact that being 7 feet tall really gives you a chance to have an NBA career. In many cases the team only gave the player one year, but often other teams followed up or preceded the Celtics with another chance. 

Mark Blount did have a nice little run there where he scored 10+ points for a couple seasons. I remember thinking he was going to blossom into something good, but it was not to be. 

The Kandi Man, Michael Olowokandi, was picked 1st overall by the Clippers in 1998. They could have had Dirk Nowitzki (9th pick), Paul Pierce (10th) or Vince Carter (4th). Ouch. 

Olowokandi was a complete bust and, like some of these other big men, played his last two years in the league for the Celts. 

Who Are the Tallest Players on the Celtics Now? 

PlayerHeightYears Played for The Celtics
Luke Kornet7’2”2021-2023
Noah Vonleh6’10”2022-2023
Blake Griffin6’9″2022-2023
Al Horford6’9”2016-2019 & 2021-2023

The Celtics brought Luke Kornet up from their Maine G-League affiliate last year. He is still on the roster for this, the 2022-2023 season. He is the tallest Celtic player right now. Kornet, standing at 7’2″, is also one of the tallest Celtics ever.

Two new players make the list of tallest active Celtics: Noah Vonleh and Blake Griffin. Vonleh grew up outside Boston and returns home for his seventh NBA season. Griffin was brought in because of the injury to Rob Williams and will begin his 13th season in the league as one of the tallest Celtic players.

Al Horford is easily the best player among the tallest Celtics. Horford has had a steady career being a good teammate and solid player for many years now.

What About All The Other Celtic Greats? Wasn’t Bill Russell Tall? 

Yes. Compared to me, virtually all NBA players are really tall. Except for these guys. But the lists above include every Celtic listed at 7’0” tall or above in Basketball Reference’s list of all-time Celtic players. 

The star players you remember are not listed at 7-feet. Below is a table with heights of some of the other, taller, all-time Celtic greats. I am assuming you know that Tiny Archibald was not 7 feet

Bill Russell6’10”11xNBA Champion
Hall of Fame, obviously! 
Dave Cowens6’9”I can’t believe
he is only 6’9”!
2xNBA Champion
1973 NBA MVP
Hall of Fame 
Kevin McHale6’10”3x NBA Champion
6x NBA All Defense
Hall of Fame
Larry Bird6’9”You didn’t really
think Bird was 7 feet?
3xNBA Champion
Hall of Fame
Bill Walton6’11”2xNBA Champion
1979 NBA MVP
Hall of Fame
Kevin Garnett6’11”2008 NBA Champion
2003 NBA MVP
Hall of Fame
Jonas Jerebko6’10”I’m just kidding.
But it is impressive
you read this far

Summary: Tallest Celtics Player

The tallest Celtics player ever was Tacko Fall at 7’6” tall. There have been 11 Celtics taller than 7’0” and another 21 players at least 7’0”. Three of the tallest eleven Celtics players are among the 20 greatest centers of all time: Shaquille O’Neal, Robert Parish and Artis Gilmore. Of those, only Parish had a real career with the team. Outside Parish, none of the all-time great Celtics measured at least seven feet tall, with Russell, McHale, Walton and Garnett just below the mark and Cowens and Bird a little shorter still. 

Featured Image Photo Credit: Adapted from “File:Lipofsky-Boston-Garden.jpg” by Copyright by Steve Lipofsky is licensed under CC BY

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